FAQs: General

Many people like to frame completed puzzles for display. There are many ways to do this yourself, or an easy solution is to take it to your local craft or framing store and have it done professionally.

To transport your puzzle to a craft store, make sure it is glued first - then sandwich between two pieces of cardboard or use one of the many storage options available. Make sure to keep it covered to avoid damages in the transport process.

We recommend having the puzzle dry-mounted (adhered to a thick piece of sturdy foam board) before framing to preserve the puzzle seamlessly and ensure no pieces fall out. This process costs about $15 at your local Hobby Lobby, depending on the size. If you are trying to be budget-conscious, it is entirely possibly to simply glue your puzzle at home and them find a frame that fits the size of your puzzle and frame it like you would a poster. Puzzle Warehouse sells several puzzle frames made specifically for 500 and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

Ideally, puzzles should be covered with glass or a nice transparent plastic sheet inside the frame because the cover will protect the puzzle from fingerprints or scratches. The cover will also help secure the puzzle from collapsing or bowing from within the frame. Many customers recommend using conservation glass with built-in UV protection which will keep the puzzle colors looking vibrant for many years without fading. Once the puzzle is framed, it will look great and last a long time without any worry.

Click here to see the frames we have available for purchase. 

Read a more detailed guide to gluing and mounting your puzzle here.

Gluing your finished jigsaw puzzle is a great way to save your finished work and display a work of art that you can be proud of for years to come. Today, we'll show you how to do it yourself!

  • It transforms puzzle into one seamless piece!
  • It showcases your long hours of dedicated work!
  • It provides a topic of conversation for those inclined to do so.
  • It creates, a brand new, original piece of art, right there, in your own home.
  • Gluing jigsaw puzzles is fun and very affordable and very easy to do.

Ready to Get Started Gluing your Jigsaw Puzzles? 

First things first, pick a puzzle… any puzzle! Actually, pick out a puzzle that you enjoy looking at time and time again! Your choices are endless. A larger puzzles, something around 750to 1000 pieces is great for a framed wall piece – but you can do the same thing with smaller 100 to 500 piece puzzles too!

Don’t forget to buy your jigsaw puzzle glue! We have several types of glue here at Puzzle Warehouse – and there are even more out there, including spray-on and powder – but we prefer liquid glue – since there is no preparation and it’s easier to apply. We like SunsOut puzzle glue because it goes on white like Elmers glue but dries totally clear. This allows you to see where you have spread the glue more easily than with clear glue.If you do use powder glue (some brands like Educa provide powdered glue with puzzles over 500 pieces) just make sure you mix it according to the instructions and it should work just great! You want a glue that seals clear, solid and strong. If possible, choose glue made by the same manufacturer as your puzzle. Glue packaging will indicate the size and number of puzzles it will cover. 

Gluing your puzzle is easy! Here’s our quick tip sheet on how to do it! 

Start by completing one of your favorite puzzles. Smooth it out and make sure that all the pieces fit together nicely! Next, get some wax or parchment paper and carefully slide it under your completed puzzle. (Make sure to leave an extra inch or so all the way around.) A second set of hands can be helpful to hold the puzzle in place while you work the wax paper underneath. (The whole point of this maneuver is to protect your table from excess glue that may or may not seep through the puzzle piece cracks!) Click here for information on how to frame a jigsaw puzzle.

Once the wax paper is under the puzzle use a rolling pin to make sure the entire puzzle is as flat as you can get it and you’re ready to spread the glue! The easiest way to glue your puzzle is to actually pour the glue right on top of the puzzle and then use a piece of cardboard or a business card to spread the glue around. There is typically a brush attached to the bottle cap and you will use that to spread the glue along the edges of the puzzle.


You will want to make sure that you cover all of the pieces. Don't miss any!Once you have started, continue until you have finished. In other words... don't stop half way through to answer the phone. As long as you are covering everything completely, don't worry too much about the immediate look. You may notice some small air bubbles throughout, but these will normally shrink as the glue dries, leaving a nice even finish. Just be careful not to brush or sponge on too much glue at once – it is possible to over saturate the puzzle causing it to swell or peel.

Make sure to let your puzzle dry thoroughly before handling it! Some glue will take up to 4 hours to bond, seal and dry, but in most cases it is ready to be moved in about 2 hours. After drying, you should be able to pick up your puzzle - this time in one piece! Once it is dry you can use a ruler or spatula to separate the paper from the puzzle. 

Now you may say, "How can I hang my puzzle on the wall?"

The best way to display your puzzle once it is glued is to mount it on a backer board. Why use backer board? If you try to hang it after just gluing, there is a good chance pieces will fall out with time. A somewhat rigid backer board will help prevent your puzzle from warping!You have two choices for mounting:

Method #1 

We generally recommend you find a locally Hobby Lobby, or a similar craft store, and ask them to do a “Dry Mounting” Basically they use a special piece of backer board that has heat sensitive adhesive that will glue your puzzle to the board instantly. Our local store only charges $12-15 to mount a 1000 piece puzzle.

Method #2 

Do it Yourself. Purchase a piece of 1/4” foam board from your local hobby shop and while there also purchase spray adhesive and a razor blade if you don't have these already. (DO NOT try to use puzzle glue or any other kind of liquid glue unless you are going to mount it in a frame. We have tried many different types of glue and the liquid glues usually cause the board to warp due to the glue not drying evenly.)

Next position your glued puzzle on the backer board and draw an outline with a pencil. Make sure to mark your line, ever-so-slightly, just inside of your puzzle dimensions. This will help "hide" your backer board, allowing only your puzzle to be seen! It will also prevent further trimming later on. This is an important point because you definitely do not want to try and trim the foam once it has the puzzle glued to it.

Now, simply cut out your board. A straight edge (ruler) and a razor blade work best with the foam board!

The next step is to glue your puzzle to the backer board and because you are using a spray adhesive we recommend you do this in a ventilated area. Personally I spread newspaper out on my garage floor and spray the glue on the foam board. Now you are ready to apply the puzzle to the board and once again it is easier if have a second set of hands to help you get it centered just right. (Keep in mind that the spray adhesives dry much quicker than the liquid glues, so read the can to see how long you have before the glue sets.)

Once you have it laid down on the board, get your rolling pin and roll over the whole puzzle to make sure it bonds well to the board. Depending on the size of your puzzle, you may need to apply some weighted objects to ensure that the puzzle "presses out" nice and flat on your board! A stack of some good old heavy books will work just fine!Now, once again, let your puzzle dry completely! 

Time to Hang It Up! There are two methods you can use to hang your puzzle.

Method #1 

(Can be done after the puzzle has already been mounted to the board) You can purchase 3M Picture hanging strips from us or from Home Depot. (These are in fact what we use to hang all the puzzles in our retail store.) One package will suffice for a 1000 piece puzzle or less. Because they are Velcro you can easily reposition them to get it level and you don’t have to put holes in your wall. You can see why we use this method.

Method #2 

(Must be done before the puzzle is mounted to the board) You can purchase 20 gauge craft wire from your local hobby store and make a traditional wire hanger with your board. Start by cutting or punching two (very small) holes: one on each side of the board, a few inches from the edge and roughly halfway down from the top!Using a thin wire push it through one hole and run it with some slack down to the other hole and back out. (You are making a traditional picture frame wire mount.)

Next, ,tie a small knot at the end of your wire and gently pull until the knot sinks into the foam board. (Don’t pull too hard or you might yank it all the way through.) Now make sure you have some slack just like the wire on a regular picture frame. Cut the wire leaving enough room for a small knot and pull it into the foam board once again. When you hang your puzzle, the wire acts as a self-adjusting hanger - allowing you to balance the frame evenly.Lastly, grab a nail or any typical picture hanging hardware and finish hanging up your puzzle. 

The Finished Product!

Ahh! The finished product! All of that hard work has paid off. Actually, gluing jigsaw puzzles is just not that hard, It just takes a little time and patience...for the glue to dry.

Above: One of our many walls of mounted puzzles hanging in the retail store.


FAQs and Tips 

Do we have to use Glue? That is a common question. Gluing jigsaw puzzles is not for everyone! Many people just don't like glue! It can be a mess to deal with, if you are not careful! A company called Buffalo Games invented something called Puzzle Presto which is essentially contact paper made for jigsaw puzzles. You'll need to "flip" your puzzle, which goes a lot easier with a second pair of hands. One tip is to slide it onto a large piece of cardboard, and then place another large piece of cardboard on top (use parchment paper between the front of the puzzle and the cardboard to protect it if you want.) Hold the two pieces together tightly and flip it over. Removed the top piece of cardboard and voila! The puzzle is flipped! Once you have it flipped it is very easy to apply the Puzzle Presto. 

Can I just use regular contact paper? We would definitely NOT recommend it since regular contact paper is very sticky and unforgiving! If you "goof-up" you will have a hard time trying to pull it up to re-position it. We think that gluing jigsaw puzzles is a great way to keep and display that favorite puzzle of yours!

What do I do if my puzzle is not flat after gluing it?

If the edges curl up somewhat after the glue has dried, try turning the puzzle over and brushing a coat of glue on the back side of the pieces. When this dries, it will usually pull itself flat again. Alternatively, if the entire puzzle is dry, you can cover the surface and place underneath any weighted flat object that is bigger than puzzle. After a day or so being pressed, it should stay flat.

Can I glue any type of puzzle? Avoid using glue at all on metallic puzzle or puzzles that have high quality finishing (glossy, lenticular, glitter etc.) For these, we recommend using Puzzle Presto by Buffalo Games. This is an adhesive paper that is applied to the back of the puzzle and holds it together in preparation for mounting.

Though damaged/defective items are rare, we do offer solutions for damaged or defective items purchased at Puzzle Warehouse.  Please contact our customer service at 866-539-4278 to discuss options and we will take care of you!

Though rare, sometimes mistake happen in our fulfillment department.  If you received the wrong package, or you are missing items that you ordered, please contact our customer service team at 866-539-4278.

Missing a puzzle piece? We've got you covered.


So you've just received that puzzle you've ordered. You open the box and begin working away happily until you realize you're missing a piece. Don't fret just yet!

It's easy to misplace a puzzle piece, so make sure you look everywhere first.

Puzzle pieces often wander off attached to a piece of clothing or by a curious pet or child. Allow a few days of searching before declaring the piece MIA! Double and triple check the packaging — it's very possible it could be hidden or stuck in there. Thoroughly search any rooms you used for opening, constructing, gluing, transporting or storing the jigsaw puzzle. Check under chairs, inside open garbage cans, under rugs, in your fridge... you never know! Lastly, make sure that all of the pieces you've placed so far belong where they are, this way you know for sure exactly what piece you're missing.

Still nowhere to be found? Don't worry, there are still options.

Don't lose hope, there are still ways to finish that puzzle! Your best course of action is to contact the manufacturer. Many popular jigsaw manufacturers have anticipated that you may need a replacement piece and have created programs to replace individual pieces or entire puzzles. There are a few things to keep in mind. It's possible that the replacement pieces may not actually fit your puzzle. Manufacturers often replace or rotate cutting dies for quality control. If this is the case, you might consider the Puzzle Doctor.

If you've determined you need replacement pieces simply follow these instructions!

  1. Find the brand or manufacturer name for the puzzle
  2. Determine which piece you need. Generally speaking you can count like you would on a chess board; A57, for example would be the first column and the 57th row.
  3. Contact the manufacturer. They may require you to mail in the UPC from the box. To help, we have compiled contact information and instructions from our most popular brands, below. 

Still Need Help?

If your manufacturer can't replace the piece or you have any trouble reaching them, please call us at 866-539-4278 and we'll see what we can do to help!


 What to do about missing pieces

4D Cityscape
Phone: 416-410-2642
Web: Click here for online contact form
Instructions: Email missingpieces@4dcityscape.com and give them information about the missing pieces. They will contact you upon further review and inspection.

Phone: 661-775-2546
Email: orders@nmrdist.com
Contact and inquire about obtaining a replacement piece, they will provide instructions.
Please fill out the appropriate form below:
Missing pieces: http://buffalogames.com/contact/missing-piece/
Other defects: http://buffalogames.com/contact/defective-product/

Once the appropriate form is filled out, you can expect to receive a replacement of the same image, free of charge, within 10-14 business days. Please be aware that the pieces from the new one will likely not fit the one you currently have, so it will have to be re-built.
If you have any specific questions or need help filling out the form, we may be reached by email at customerservice@buffalogames.com or phone at 800-832-2331
Web: Click here for online customer service form
Phone: 617-926-8080
1.Write your name, complete shipping address, phone number and email address on a plain piece of paper. Also include the puzzle name and item number (found on the side of the box) and include a brief description of the problem.
2.Cut the UPC code from the box.
3.Place the UPC code and info sheet in envelope and mail to:
CEACO Quality Control
C/O Edaron, Inc
100 Appleton St.
Holyoke, MA 01040
Note: They will usually send you a replacement puzzle but if that puzzle is no longer available, they will send you another product of equal value and size. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing.
Email: info@clementoni.it
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.
Phone: 250-592-7374
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece and they will provide detailed instructions.
Puzzle Replacement Instructions
Phone: 866-369-3531 toll free or 801-785-1123

Email: support@dowdlefolkart.com
1. UPC barcode
2. Item number (photocopy excepted for collectable packaging)
3. Full name, address, and phone number
4. Name of puzzle
The individual pieces cannot be replaced. A replacement puzzle will be sent in the bag. Please keep the box and poster image. If the puzzle is out of stock a new puzzle of similar theme and piece count will be sent.
Inquire about obtaining a replacement.
Note: Style name & piece count, as well as any images you can provide of the defect are helpful for eeBoo to troubleshoot. Please include this information in your inquiry. eeBoo will issue replacement puzzles within 3 business days.
Missing a piece?
Each of our puzzles is cut uniquely and pieces are not transferable between puzzles.
Please use the form below to send us a request:
Online Piece Replacement Program:
Click here to submit a lost piece request.
Phone: 920-475-2002
Email: info@geotoystore.com
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.
Hasbro has ceased jigsaw puzzle production. Unfortunately, pieces can no longer be obtained for their items.
If you purchased a Heye or Jumbo puzzle from Puzzle Warehouse, please email us or call our toll free number at 866-539-4278 for help.
Karmin International
Phone: 1-888-884-7202 ext 65
Email: puzzles@karminindustries.com
Phone: 800-883-6408
Email: info@LPFpuzzle.com
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece and they will provide instructions.
Lion Rampant Imports
Phone: 1-800-992-7679
Email: lion@lionrampantimports.com
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece. They will ask you to send a photo of the puzzle to help find the missing piece. If the piece is not available and it was a manufacturing defect, they will replace the entire puzzle.
Late for the Sky no longer manufacturers puzzles. Missing pieces cannot be replaced.
Phone: 520-741-1315
Email: internetorders@masterpiecesinc.com
Send request to: 12475 North Rancho Vistoso Blvd., Oro Valley, AZ 85755 (ATTN: Customer Service)
1. UPC barcode
2. Item number (photocopy excepted for collectable packaging)
3. Full name, address, and phone number
4. Name of puzzle
5. If a quality control sheet was included in the box, send this back as well
Note: No individual pieces will be replaced, only entire puzzle. If the puzzle is out of stock or no longer available, they will send a puzzle with similar theme and piece count.
Phone: 800-465-6342
Click here to submit a lost piece replacement request
Phone: 800-718-5365
Email: Service@MelissaAndDoug.com
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece. Note: they do not replace individual pieces, but if the piece was missing from original packaging, they will replace the entire puzzle.
Phone: 580-789-9535
Email: info@newyorkpuzzlecompany.com
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece. They will ask you to send a photo of the puzzle to help find the missing piece. If the piece is not available and it was a manufacturing defect, they will replace the entire puzzle.
Phone: 800-255-7316 ext. 108
Email: paige@paperhouseproductions.com
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece. Note: they will usually replace entire puzzle. They need to know the style of the puzzle or description of the image and your address. No product number or UPC necessary.
Email: info@piatnik.com
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.
Phone: 1-800-227-1428
Web: Click here for online contact form
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.
Phone: 763-971-8057
Web: Email PuzzleTwist
Inquire about obtaining a replacement.
Web: Online Customer Service Form
Phone: 855-257-1500
Note: Ravensburger cannot replace individual puzzle pieces due to the production process - excepting 3D puzzle pieces which may be replaced. A replacement puzzle may be sent by Ravensburger if the piece is missing due to manufacturers defect.
Web: Click here for online contact form
Phone: 800-891-7479
Email: sue@serendipitypuzzles.com
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.
Phone: 800-497-8697
Web: Click here for online contact form
Note: They do not replace individual pieces but if the piece was missing or damaged from original packaging, they will replace the entire puzzle.
Phone: 800-400-8953
Inquire about obtaining a replacement.
Note: Check inside the puzzle box for replacement instructions. Special shaped puzzles may receive a replacement piece. For rectangular puzzles, if the puzzle is in stock, a replacement piece may be sent. If unavailable, a replacement puzzle will be sent.
Phone: 800-292-7676
Email: sales@tdcgames.com
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece. Note: They are only able to replace pieces for some puzzles.
Email: info@VermontChristmasCo.com
Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece and they will provide instructions.
Phone: 800-548-8009 ext. 19
Email: info@puzzlemaps.com
Send request to P.O. Box 818 Jackson, NH 03846
1. UPC barcode cut from the box
2. Title of puzzle
3. Name and Phone number
4. Description of problem (i.e. missing piece or damaged)
5. If damaged, include photo of damages
Note: They do not replace individual pieces, but will try to replace entire puzzle from same die cut.

Though rare, sometimes mistake happen in our fulfillment department.  If you received the wrong package, or you are missing items that you ordered, please contact our customer service team at 866-539-4278.

If you need to set up a return of an unopened puzzle, or need to discuss a change, please contact our customer service representatives at 866-539-4278.

If you need to update your shipping information on an order, please contact our customer service team at 866-539-4278.

Full details about our store hours and customer service / phone hours can be found by clicking here.


It is important to note that this chart is for reference only, and does not guarantee that all titles by that brand will be exactly ribbon or random cut.  If you are concerned about a specific title and require only a specific cut, please contact us prior to ordering.


BrandCut StylePiece Image
4D Cityscape3D (varies)Coming soon
African American ExpressionsRandomComing soon
American Puzzle CoWooden BrainteasersComing soon
Andrew BlaineRandomComing soon
AquariusRandomComing soon
BigJigsRibbonComing soon
BrainwrightRandomComing soon
Briar PatchRibbonComing soon
Buffalo GamesRibbonComing soon
CardinalRibbonComing soon
CeacoRandomComing soon
ClementoniRibbonComing soon
Cobble HillRandomComing soon
Creative CrafthouseWooden BrainteaserComing soon
Crocodile CreekVariesComing soon
Dino'sRibbonComing soon
DowdleRandomComing soon
D-ToysVaries by PuzzleComing soon
EducaRibbonComing soon
EurographicsRandomComing soon
GeoToysRandom - state shaped mostlyComing soon
HasbroVariesComing soon
HeyeRibbonComing soon
JumboRibbonComing soon
Karmin Coming soon
LafayetteRibbonComing soon
Lang Coming soon
Liberty Coming soon
MasterPiecesRandomComing soon
MEGARibbonComing soon
Melissa and DougVariesComing soon
Mic-o-mic Coming soon
MindStartRibbonComing soon
New York Puzzle CoRibbonComing soon
Paper House Coming soon
Peaeceful WoodenRandomComing soon
PiatnikRibbonComing soon
Pintoo Coming soon
Playbox Coming soon
PomegranateRibbonComing soon
PPW Coming soon
Pressman Coming soon
Purrfect Puzzles Coming soon
Puzzle Twist Coming soon
Puzzle With Me Coming soon
RavensburgerRibbonComing soon
SchmidtRibbon - with some variationComing soon
Scramble SquaresNon-Interlocking Square PiecesComing soon
SpringbokVaries by PuzzleComing soon
TDC Coming soon
The Learning Journey Coming soon
University Games Coming soon
USAopoly Coming soon
White MountainVaries by PuzzleComing soon
Willow Creek Press Coming soon
WinCraft Coming soon
Winfield Galleries Coming soon
Winning Moves Games Coming soon
World Pub Group Coming soon
Wrebbit Coming soon

We accept every major form of payment! This list includes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, and PayPal! If you have any other questions feel free to contact us !

Puzzle cuts vary from brand to brand and also at the individual puzzle level.  There are two primary types of puzzle cuts, Ribbon, and Random Cut.

Ribbon Cut puzzles are the most common.  A ribbon cut, also known as a "traditional cut" or "strip-cut", has interlocking pieces and matched, interlocking corners, with a few shape variations of pegs and holes.  Ribbon cut puzzles have uniform rows and repeating patterns.

Manufacturers of Ribbon Cut Puzzles:  Buffalo Games, Cardinal, Clementoni, Dino's, Educa, Heye, Jumbo, Lafayette, MEGA, MindStart, New York Puzzle Co., Piatnik, Pomegranate, Ravensburger, Schmidt (Ribbon but with variation)

Random Cut puzzles have irregularly shaped, sometimes non-interlocking edges, and are generally considered more difficult than their ribbon cut counterparts.  Random cut puzzles vary significantly in appearance from puzzle to puzzle, which will in turn increase the difficulty.  Random cut may also be referred to as "Victorian cut", "Whimsy cut", or "Irregular cut."  

Manufacturers of Random Cut Puzzles:  GeoToys, African American Expressions, Andrew Blaine, Aquarius, Brainwright, Ceaco, Cobble Hill, Dowdle, Eurographics, MasterPieces, Peaceful Wooden


Please Note: These lists are not all-inclusive. For info on a brand not listed, please reach out to them directly!


Puzzle cuts vary based on manufacturer and even within the manufacturer can vary by title.

(Lots more being added here)

FAQs: Gift Certificates

We are working on an automated solution that allows you to check a gift card balance.  In the mean time, please contact our customer service representatives at 866-539-4278 for assistance.

No. In fact, you may use your certificate toward multiple visits. Only the amount of the present order will be deducted from your total remaining gift certificate amount. You can shop again later to use any balance (use the same certificate code).

You have three ways to redeem your gift certificate(s):

  1. Via our Web site, located at www.puzzlewarehouse.com.
  2. Via the phone!
  3. If you happen to be in the St. Louis, MO area, you can redeem at our retail location!

The gift certificate ordering screen can be found here. We sell them from $10-$500!  You can purchase online at the aforementioned link, or at our retail location in St. Louis! 

FAQs: Puzzle of the Month Club

Sure! Any club detail including address, piece count or even upgrades can be discussed with our support team.  You are also able to change your ship to address on the clubs section of your account!

We now have several options, including month-to-month and 6-month pre-paid, in addition to the annual membership!

Absolutely.  You will receive the free shipping option for the entire year your membership is active.  Place one, five or even ten orders during a month and they'll all ship for free with your next shipment! To bundle an order, check out our FAQ on the subject HERE

If you are buying the Puzzle of the Month club for yourself, there will be an option to activate as part of your purchase process.  The club is frequently bought as a gift, however, and we do not automatically activate the clubs in the cases a gift membership is chosen.  In the case that a club is not activated during the checkout process,  within a few minutes of your payment clearing, you [or the recipient] will receive an e-mail welcoming you to the club.  The full activation instructions as well as your activation code should be contained in that e-mail.  If you purchased the club membership but did not receive or deleted the e-mail, please contact our support staff!

You can find the details and purchase the club membership by clicking here.

Oh no! No need to fret. At the time of purchase, your activation code was emailed to you and can be collected there at any time as long as you have the email. If you have lost this email, please contact our support staff to re-send the activation e-mail. We are always happy to help!

You will first need to log in to the account with an active membership.  On the shipping page, during checkout, an option will appear to ship your order with your next scheduled Puzzle of the Month, along with the date the next shipment is scheduled to leave our warehouse.  You can opt to ship separately, but will be charged for shipping in that case.

Yes you can!  Please contact us and we will make the change on your account.  If you would like the freedom to choose from any piece count, every month, check out our Premium subscription! This offer features nearly everything on our website, 1,000 pieces or less (some restrictions apply).

We give you a seven day heads up on the puzzle we've chosen for you.  You have the option of swapping your puzzle of the month choice with one of many alternatives at any time during this seven day period!  To make a swap, simply log in and visit your past orders, then details for the order. From here you will find a lengthy list of unique swap items each month!

Please contact our support staff to cancel your recurring monthly membership. We understand circumstances can sometimes make this a necessity. Unfortunately, the yearly membership cannot be cancelled after the first order has shipped. We do apologize.

How it Works

When you join the Puzzle of the Month Club at Puzzle Warehouse, you'll receive a new jigsaw puzzle every month as long as your membership is active. Chosen by our staff, we work hard to find a puzzle for each month of the year that is new, exciting, and challenging - based on the difficulty level you prefer: 300, 500, or 1000 pieces.

All puzzles are selected from top brands like SunsOut, Buffalo Games, and Master Pieces, and include the most popular themes we think any adult puzzler would love! Never too juvenile, feminine, masculine, etc.

Premium Perks

All of the great features of the Puzzle of the Month Club, now with expanded Premium selections. As long as your Premium Club Membership is active, you'll receive a new jigsaw puzzle every month, chosen by our puzzle experts from one of over 80 brands in varying piece counts - 300, 500, 550, 750 and 1000 piece puzzles. Choose any puzzle, from any brand at these piece counts!*, and include the most popular themes we think any adult puzzler would love (never too juvenile, feminine, or masculine).

Upgrade to Premium starting at $24.99

Wait, there's more!

You're buying more than just a puzzle every month when you join the Puzzle of the Month Club - you'll also get FREE shipping on any orders placed during your membership! Combine any orders placed during the month with your puzzle of the month shipment and get free shipping, no minimum order required!

This offer only applies to the Continental United States*

You're in control.

A week before shipping, we will notify you via e-mail of the puzzle chosen for delivery. Don't like what we've selected for you? No problem! You can either swap it yourself with our instructions here OR contact us to switch it out for a puzzle of your choice and we'll send you an e-mail containing a 'Swap Options' link that you can use to swap your puzzle for the month! Didn't swap in time? Don't worry - any unopened puzzle is always covered by our 365-day return policy.

Give it as the ultimate gift!

We have a printable gift certificate with the activation code so you can give the best gift of the year. Either download a blank printable certificate by clicking here or send an email here with your order number and request - we can send you one within 24 hours (Monday-Friday)


Visit our Puzzle of the Month FAQ to see other commonly asked questions about this program!

Your first puzzle of the month will ship approximately two weeks from the date the membership is activated. You first receive an email at the time of purchase to activate the club. Once this is done, you (or the recipient) will receive an email giving you a week to make your swap and the item ships at the end of the 7 days. 

This process repeats each month with a 1-week swap window prior to shipment!

FAQs: Puzzle Rewards Program

At this time, no.  We are working, however, on additional tiers for our most loyal customers, which will give benefits like discounted free shipping, double points days and more!  All points accrued from your date of sign up will make you eligible for these tier upgrades.  Stay tuned for more on this!

You certainly may!  Let the cashier checking you out know that you'd like to be enrolled - we'll take care of the rest!  We are also planning special retail-only offers for our rewards members!

Please Note: In-store and online rewards are separate accounts and cannot be combined or applied in the opposing format. For example, you cannot apply in store rewards to an online order or vice versa.

Rewards members will have the option to apply any available balance to a purchase at the time of checkout.  If you are logged in and have an available balance, you will be given the option to apply that balance at the time of checkout, on the payment page!

You earn one point for every 20 cents spent (5%) when you are a part of the program.  One earned point is then worth one cent on future purchases.

100 points = $1
1000 points = $10

Points are applied to the rewards account thirty days after the relevant order is placed.  You should be notified when the points are added via email!  Been longer than 30 days?  Give us a call to investigate and we would be happy to correct the issue!

Unfortunately, you can only accrue rewards points for orders placed at the time of sign up and thereafter. We simply are not able to offer retroactive point application. We do apologize!

We're giving back to our loyal customers!

By signing up for this free program, you will begin accruing rewards points, which are effectively cash back - 5% of your purchase total.  You can use these points on any future order - no minimum required!  You will also extend your return period from 30 days to 365 days on unopened items.  Rewards members will also receive special offers, coupons and discounts throughout the year!

Simply put - they don't! Five days, five years, your points will be waiting for you! Puzzle Warehouse is proud to offer our 5% cashback Rewards Program for our loyal customers and we thank you for the chance to show our appreciation with points that never expire!

Puzzle Warehouse never shares your information with a third party.  As part of the rewards program, you will occasionally receive promotional material related to the rewards program and we may send you balance reminders when you accrue cashback!  We aren't in the business of getting on your nerves - you won't be receiving daily e-mails from us related to this program. 

(We do however, have the Daily Deal newsletter if you do want sweet deals on 24 hour flash sale items!)

FAQs: Shipping

If you are in the continental United States, we offer flat-rate $5.99 shipping, 365 days a year via FedEx Smartpost and DHL ParcelPlus!  If you order one puzzle it's $5.99 shipping, if you order 5 puzzles, it's still $5.99!  We also offer free shipping for members of our Puzzle of the Month Club and on any orders above $75!

If you are outside the continental US, the shipping charges vary based on the total weight of the products ordered, package size and where you are having them shipped.  Unfortunately, due to the high cost of shipping to other countries, we are not able to offer international flat rate or free shipping shipping at this time. Your international transit rates will be represented in the checkout process.

When it comes to low-weight shipping for residential customers, consider the efficient, economical FedEx SmartPost service. By utilizing the U.S. Postal Service® for final delivery, FedEx SmartPost reaches every U.S. address, including P.O. boxes and military APO, FPO and DPO destinations. You can even use FedEx SmartPost to ship to Alaska, Hawaii and all U.S. territories.

When using FedEx Smartpost, FedEx will deliver your package within just a couple of business days to your local post office.  Final delivery will be made by your local USPS carrier.

FedEx SmartPost is only available shipping to locations in the United States.

**NOTICE ** Expect Delays - It may take one to two weeks instead of our normal one day to ship your order. The surge in online shopping from the ongoing outbreak is straining our shipping department. We have added new team members and expect to be back to our normal same day shipping very soon. We appreciate your patience.

If you see this message on the product page, the item will ship today if the order is placed before 3:00PM central.  However, since Puzzle Warehouse is also a retail store, there are times when the puzzle in stock is no longer in stock by the time shipping gets to your order.  In the event of that happening we will notify you as soon as possible.

**NOTICE ** Expect Delays - It may take one to two weeks instead of our normal one day to ship your order. The surge in online shopping from the ongoing outbreak is straining our shipping department. We have added new team members and expect to be back to our normal same day shipping very soon. We appreciate your patience.

We at Puzzle Warehouse pride ourselves on offering several shipping options!  The cheapest shipping option is typically FedEx Smartpost/DHL ParcelPlus.  We also offer FedEx Ground, FedEx 2-Day, FedEx Overnight and Priority mail services to US locations.

SmartPost: 5-7 business days
FedEx Ground: 3-5 business days (guaranteed by the 5th day)
FedEx 2Day: 2 business days (guaranteed by the 2nd business day).  FedEx Express does not deliver on Saturday or Sunday, and does not consider these days business days.  This is not our policy, it is FedEx's policy.
FedEx Overnight: 1 business day (guaranteed by the next business day). FedEx Express does not deliver on Saturday or Sunday, and does not consider these days business days.  This is not our policy, it is FedEx's policy.

International shipments vary in timeframe based on location and shipping options available to that locale.  Please contact us for an estimate to your specific location.

**NOTICE ** Expect Delays - It may take one to two weeks instead of our normal one day to ship your order. The surge in online shopping from the ongoing outbreak is straining our shipping department. We have added new team members and expect to be back to our normal same day shipping very soon. We appreciate your patience.

Assuming everything you ordered is in stock, your order should ship either the same day (if the order is placed before 3:00pm CST) or the following business day (if placed after 3:00pm CST or on the weekend)

We are unable to ship some large or oversize items outside of the United States. This includes Portapuzzles, Puzzle Stores, and some other storage options. 

Another reason for sometimes seeing this error would be improper formatting of your postal code. Please ensure it is entered in the standard for your country. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us for further information or additional help!

Puzzle Warehouse offers free shipping on all orders $75 and over, 365 days a year to buyers in the continental United States 48 states.  You can also get an entire year of free shipping by joining the Puzzle of the Month Club! From time to time we offer limited-time discounted shipping via promotions and coupon codes.  Most of these promotions and discounts are sent through our free newsletter and rewards program.  Sign up to make sure you don't miss out!

Unfortunately we are not able to offer free or flat rate shipping to the outer states or other countries at this time. We do apologize!