High Efficiency - Pick, Pack & Ship

Picking is Quick and Easy

Our 4th generation picking software is so easy to use you can train a picker in under 10 minutes!

AI driven Pick Routing

  • All pick paths are continually optimized meaning no wasted steps.
  • Optimal routing reduces worker stress
  • Average pick times of 30 seconds or less in a medium to large warehouse

Packing Efficiency

  • Streamlined workflows means a minimal amount of steps to ship an order.
  • Touch screen based means no mouse or keyboard to slow people down
  • Real Time rate shopping happens invisibly to the picker. This gives you the best rates and quick order processing times.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Employee activity metrics tracked to the second. You will know who is productive and how to target improvement for those that need it.
  • Gamify productivity with our Winner Dashboard. Pickers and packers can see in real time how they compare to everyone else.
  • One page real time Metrics Report allows you to see the status of your entire warehouse with a single click.