Unified Commerce - Unifies your Business

Say Hello to the easiest to use fulfillment platform that eliminates manual processes, mispicks and inventory discrepancies, and do it all with one single tool.

Warehouse Management Made Easy

Unified Commerce WMS was purpose built to be highly efficient and most importantly, easy to use.

  • Orders are imported and queued for picking automatically.
  • Order pickers are trained and productive in under 10 minutes.
  • One click rule sets for priority order picking
  • Barcode driven warehousing provides 99.9% picking accuracy

Inventory Management

  • Multi Warehouse and Multi Location management
  • Flexible Cycle Counting
  • 99.9% picking accuracy with real time pick intelligence
  • Al Powered Route Planning
  • Pickers can see an image of every product

Shipping Rate Shopping

  • Compare multiple carriers in real time to ship your orders at the Best cost.
  • Can be used for reverse logistics as well
  • Even lower rates if using our 3PL solution due to our high shipping volume

Reporting and Analytics

  • Employee activity metrics tracked to the second. You will know who is productive and how to target improvement for those that need it
  • Gamify productivity with our Winner Dashboard Pickers and packers can see in real time how they compare to everyone else.
  • One page real time Metrics Report allows you to see the status of your entire warehouse with a single click.

API Dataflow Technology

  • Data is transferred seamlessly in and out of Unified Commerce
  • Our USA Based developers make software tweaks more quickly
  • Multiple platform experts on staff make for quick implementations